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Our Best Cleaning System

Carpet Cleaning Bolton

When cleaning carpets, we use the Airflex Storm Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine. This is the best type of washing machine to use for carpets, sofas, and upholstery.

This machine features a fantastic set of water pumps up to 800psi. It is a top-of-the-range professional machine that ensures cleaning through your dirty carpets in no time. It has a dual vacuum power extracts all the dirt, debris, and harmful bits from your carpets.

In addition, it offers faster cleaning and drying times compared to other cleaning machines in the market. It powers up to 200ft hose runs and comes in a portable design that is easy to transport.

High-performance extraction vacuums

What’s more remarkable about our professional cleaning machine is the twin-vac system can leave the carpets dry in under 2 hours, which is the fastest drying vacuum machine on the market today. Nothing can beat the Airflex Storm when it comes to carpet cleaning machines!


We at Crompton’s Cleaning UK can handle all types of carpet cleaning jobs – from small domestic rooms to large commercial office spaces. We have the experience and expertise to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

Our team of experienced and certified professionals uses the latest equipment and techniques to achieve the best possible results. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.

Our prices are affordable because we understand that everyone should access quality carpet cleaning services.

If you would like to learn more about our company or need a free quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would happily provide you with a fresher, cleaner, and safer home or office.

Our Cleaning System

We only use the best technology and techniques when handling all your dirty carpets.

We offer 4 cleaning methods: hot water extraction, dry cleaning, shampooing, and steam cleaning. But our primary cleaning method is hot water extraction because it’s the most effective way to remove all the dirt, debris, and harmful bits from your carpets

Hot water extraction is also known as “steam cleaning” because we use hot water to clean your carpets. The hot water will break down all the dirt, stains, and odors stuck in your carpet’s fibers. And our powerful suction will remove all the dirt, water, and solution.

Specifications of Our Cleaning System


Among the 4 types of cleaning methods we use, we suggest our clients choose hot water extraction or “steam cleaning” because it is the most effective way to clean carpets.

When doing hot water extraction, we first inject the hot water and cleaning solution into your carpets. Then, our powerful suction will remove all the dirt, water, and resolution.

After we’re done with the cleaning, there is an option to add a Scotchgard protector to your carpets. This will help repel future dirt and stains. It will also make it easier to vacuum and clean your carpets.